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Making Money on Social Networking without Affiliate Marketing: BoostInsider

If you are active in social media or have your own website or blog – you are probably one of the millions who have searched online for ways of making money through these various networks. In most cases you are going to be bombarded with sites wanting you to be an affiliate marketer — they will want you to sign up – post their ads or products all over your site and if perchance someone clicks through and makes a purchase– you will receive money — and likely the amount is a few cents. There are millions of people who participate in these types of programs and if they work for you – hey, that’s great. In my opinion however, these ventures are a huge waste of time.

BoostInsider – My Solution to Making Money WITHOUT Affiliate Marketing

Yes, I said WITHOUT affiliate marketing. I ran across this site accidentally a few months ago- and was, like many would be – skeptical. I signed up for the site not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. The premise of this site is that you let them know what types of social media you use – tell them about your blog and what kinds of things you focus on or are interested in and they match you with advertising campaigns that most closely align to the type of content you are already posting. 

Right off the bat  I was given five campaigns to promote – at will – there are no requirements, deadlines, nothing. The way this works is they tell you about the product/service/app/website whatever it is and give you links so that you can go research, review, use, etc. Once you know what it is you are promoting – you will find for each campaign a short link that is unique to you and that campaign. Simply use the networks and social media you are already participating in to share that link. You only have to promote the products you like – and it’s easy. We really like how customized the campaigns are to the individual – this prevents you from spamming your readers with products they could care less about.

How Is This Making Me Money?

When you share the links on your blog and various social media feeds and someone clicks through – you are instantly awarded a certain amount of money. I have one campaign that gives me 0.15 per click. The people who click through will get to view the website for that service or product – but no purchase is required for you to get your commission. Seriously – all they have to do is click.

Note- we don’t recommend you just sign up for this site and start spamming these links everywhere – go look at the site, learn about the product and use that knowledge to create statuses, tweets and blog posts that will interest your reader into clicking – spamming will lose you viewer response.

How to Get Started

All you need to do to get started with BoostInsider is click through one of the links on this page and sign up to be an INFLUENCER. Follow the prompts all the way through, make your profile and choose your product areas to be presented with your campaigns – they will either pop up right away — or be e-mailed to you shortly. The point we want to get across here is there is definitely HUGE potential for you to generate actual money by becoming an influencer for BoostInsider even if you have no experience with marketing, sales or advertising.

Go Check out BoostInsider

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