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We10247207_10204125276837762_8636518818828538455_n(1)lcome to the Frugally Fruitful blog! My name is Nikki Desrosiers and I am a stay-at-home Mom to my three month old daughter, Winter. My tiny family lives off of a very meager income – so out of necessity and with lots of practice, making money online, couponing and being thrifty in general has become one of my biggest and most lucrative hobbies.

After realizing how much the ‘thrifty’ way of life has really improved my family’s financial state  – I realized that there are likely a great many people like me who are looking for ways to help themselves who could really use this information and resources. My goal for this site is to share information, knowledge and ideas. I will be featuring information on couponing, special deals we find, information about legitimate ways to make money online and ideas and info about being ‘thrifty’ in general. I certainly hope that this ‘lifestyle’ becomes contagious and we welcome you to jump on board with us. I love hearing your feedback, experiences and ideas – so always feel free to comment and share around the site where ever you like.

Happy Savings!


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