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Making Money on Social Networking without Affiliate Marketing: BoostInsider

If you are active in social media or have your own website or blog – you are probably one of the millions who have searched online for ways of making money through these various networks. In most cases you are going to be bombarded with sites wanting you to be an affiliate marketer — they will want you to sign up – post their ads or products all over your site and if perchance someone clicks through and makes a purchase– you will receive money — and likely the amount is a few cents. There are millions of people who participate in these types of programs and if they work for you – hey, that’s great. In my opinion however, these ventures are a huge waste of time.

BoostInsider – My Solution to Making Money WITHOUT Affiliate Marketing

Yes, I said WITHOUT affiliate marketing. I ran across this site accidentally a few months ago- and was, like many would be – skeptical. I signed up for the site not expecting much and was pleasantly surprised. The premise of this site is that you let them know what types of social media you use – tell them about your blog and what kinds of things you focus on or are interested in and they match you with advertising campaigns that most closely align to the type of content you are already posting. 

Right off the bat  I was given five campaigns to promote – at will – there are no requirements, deadlines, nothing. The way this works is they tell you about the product/service/app/website whatever it is and give you links so that you can go research, review, use, etc. Once you know what it is you are promoting – you will find for each campaign a short link that is unique to you and that campaign. Simply use the networks and social media you are already participating in to share that link. You only have to promote the products you like – and it’s easy. We really like how customized the campaigns are to the individual – this prevents you from spamming your readers with products they could care less about.

How Is This Making Me Money?

When you share the links on your blog and various social media feeds and someone clicks through – you are instantly awarded a certain amount of money. I have one campaign that gives me 0.15 per click. The people who click through will get to view the website for that service or product – but no purchase is required for you to get your commission. Seriously – all they have to do is click.

Note- we don’t recommend you just sign up for this site and start spamming these links everywhere – go look at the site, learn about the product and use that knowledge to create statuses, tweets and blog posts that will interest your reader into clicking – spamming will lose you viewer response.

How to Get Started

All you need to do to get started with BoostInsider is click through one of the links on this page and sign up to be an INFLUENCER. Follow the prompts all the way through, make your profile and choose your product areas to be presented with your campaigns – they will either pop up right away — or be e-mailed to you shortly. The point we want to get across here is there is definitely HUGE potential for you to generate actual money by becoming an influencer for BoostInsider even if you have no experience with marketing, sales or advertising.

Go Check out BoostInsider


Earn $20 Free Through NetSpend Prepaid Debit Cards

Netspend is a company that offers prepaid debit cards (both Visa and Mastercard). These cards give you access to a wide range of services including direct deposit, money transfers and more. Many people use these cards as a safer alternative when doing business online because the money is loaded on to the card and if stolen can only be used for the amount on the card ( but they do have theft protection services as well so don’t worry!) These cards can be used anywhere in-store or online that takes major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

How Do I Get the Promotional Money?

All you need to do – is use one of the links provided on this page and sign up for a card. The card will be mailed to you in usually less than a week. Once you receive the card, jump online and use PayPal, employment direct deposit or bank transfer to load the card with at least $40 – once you have done that – you will receive $20 just for using our link and loading your card — It’s that easy.

The best part is – it doesn’t stop there – once you have loaded you card and have become an active member – you will be able to invite friends so they can make $20 too!

If you want the promotional money but are not interested in keeping the card – wait for the promo money to hit and then simply move the funds back to your bank via Netspend’s transfer tools.

The site is super easy to use – and I would suggest getting a feel for the card and how it works especially if you do a lot of business online.

Click HERE to be taken to the NetSpend Promo Signup

Mommies: Get Paid $2 via PayPal for a 10 Minute Survey

Ran across this browsing the net tonight and absolutely had to share. OP4G is doing a survey on new mommies (as in you have a newborn, not necessarily that it is your first child). The study is about infant sleep wear and accessories and co-sleeping. No sign up to the site is required, you only need to click the link and take the survey.

The survey itself takes about ten minutes – and at the end they will ask you for your PayPal address so that they can send you your $2 reward – super easy. Not sure how long this is going to last – but I definitely recommend all mommies get in on this while it’s up.

Click HERE to be redirected to the survey start page.

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Legitimate Online Moneymaking: InstaGC

  1606c-legit-ways-to-earn-moneyWelcome back to Frugally Fruitful’s Legitimate Online Moneymaking Series. Here on FF we aim to present you with a wide array of resources that you can use to expand your budget and save money on the things that you want and need. InstaGC is definitely a resource that does just that.

What is InstaGC?

If you enjoy shopping online and getting things for free – we definitely recommend this site. InstaGC (which stands for Instant Gift Cards) is a reward site where you earn points by participating in different activities such as signing up for offers, watching videos or registering with various websites. Once you accrue points to your account they can be traded in through the website for instant cash or INSTANT gift card codes.

What’s the Appeal?

Click Here to Get Started

The reason this site is so awesome is because it is extremely easy — with just a little effort and a few minutes a day – you will be buying great products from your favorite stores and not spending a dime of your own money. You will be amazed at how quickly points add up. I myself have been on the site only a few days (5 to be exact) and in my free time I have almost earned enough for a $20 gift card.

How do Rewards Work?

On InstaGC 100 points is the equivalent of $1-and unlike other rewards sites you can literally cash out at any amount. Choose from hundreds of online retailers – I myself have looked through all of them – and could not think of a single major retailer that was not on this A to Z list. Litterally…from Amazon to Zulilly they are all there. Also this site has an alternate option that lets you draft your rewards to your bank account in lieu of gift cards – which is kind of awesome if you are needing cash. Redeem rewards a few dollars at a time or save for a higher dollar amount — the choice is yours.

Tips for Using InstaGC

While the interface is pretty simple to use – keep these tips in mind as you get started and you will save yourself a bit of a hassle. 

  • Before you start filling out offers to earn points, go into your web browser’s settings and make sure that you are accepting third-party cookies ( these cookies are what allow the offers to credit to your account). This option is usually found in settings under the Privacy tab. Simply move it to one of the lower settings.
  • Open several different e-mail accounts. Most offers require an e-mail to register – and you don’t want a bunch of junk mail clogging your primary e-mail. Also, having multiple e-mails will allow you to complete some offers multiple times. Just remember the passwords because occasionally you will have to confirm registrations via e-mail.
  • When completing offers ( especially ones with higher reward amounts) always be sure to take a screen shot of the end screen of whatever they have asked you to do – paste it into paint and save it. This way, if your offer doesn’t credit – you can e-mail the company and they can credit the points to you because you have proof.

So, we encourage you to use one of the various links on this page to head on over to the site and get started. We hope you enjoy this resource and find it as lucrative as we have.

Interested? Click >>HERE<< to Get Started

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Legit Online Moneymaking: Opinion Outpost

Being ‘Frugal’ isn’t just about saving money when you can – it’s also about successfully utilizing the resources you have at your disposal in order to create opportunities to stretch or increase your income. That’s why Frugally Fruitful will be featuring a series of posts that we will be calling Legitimate Online Moneymaking 101. We are starting this series by doing a feature on one of my favorite moneymaking sites – Opinion Outpost.

Advertisements for survey sites are everywhere – you cannot get away from them. You are probably bombarded daily both online and while watching television by ads telling you about these ‘amazing’ survey sites promising sensational rewards, gift cards, items and cash payouts – but I will warn you – most of these sites, while they are not a scam, will require you to spend money doing surveys and will then ‘refund’ that money with a little extra. I think this an absurd notion and, if you are looking to make a little extra cash to help your family, it’s likely that you don’t have the funds available to participate in these kinds of programs anyway. I encourage you to STAY AWAY from these sites. If I can stress any one point about earning extra cash online – it’s that you should never have to spend money to make it. There are better, more lucrative ways of doing it – thus introducing OPINION OUTPOST.

Getting Started

One of the few survey sites that we will endorse here on Frugally Fruitful, Opinion Outpost is one of the easiest and most effective interfaces I have ever used. Sign up is simple – go to their page, fill out the short form and confirm your account via e-mail. You will immediately start receiving survey invites via e-mail. Simply click the link in the e-mail to be directed to the survey. *Note- you can also visit the website directly and take surveys that way.


If you are not familiar with how surveys work, be aware that even though you have been invited to take a survey – it doesn’t mean that you will always qualify to be a part of that survey. Typically when you are directed to a survey, you will be asked a short series of questions that will determine whether you are a good candidate and if you are you will be asked to continue and complete the questionnaire.

The Payoff

Rewards for completing surveys are based on a point system. These surveys will typically be worth anywhere from 5 to 25 points – but can be worth more on occasion. As you earn points, they will accumulate in your account until which time you choose to redeem them for prizes. Opinion Outpost does not have an outrageous number of prizes but the ones they do have that people are most interested in are the Paypal deposits and amazon gift codes. Points accumulate quickly and 100 points will get you either $10 cash or a $10 code – you can cash out as many times as you like -and you will receive your reward in a day or less.

Why We Love This Site

We love this site because it is simple – it is exactly what it claims to be – a fun and easy survey site that really does pay. Points accumulate quickly and redeeming is a quick and painless process – there are no hidden conditions, stipulations or issues. The only thing we wish they would change is their lack of a referral program – but even without one we give this site a

Click the logo above for a direct link to their site – or visit our Frugal Resources page.

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