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Awesome Multi-Functional Car Trashcan by Mas27

100_3395I am a new mommy and constantly on the go… there are times I feel like I live in my car. I do my best to keep it trash and clutter free.. but more often than not I forget to throw things away because I am so busy. My car is a dysfunctional unorganized mess. I admit it. Is there a self help group for people with messy cars? Oh, well – I digress.

At any rate – because of my issues with trash around my car.. and the fact that I am super unorganized. I am always browsing around online looking for nifty gadgets, organizational tools and storage items… Not just for me – but things I think my readers would enjoy to. Recently, I was offered the opportunity to try the Car Trash Can made by Mas27.

So, I have to say – I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT. It is sold as a ‘car trash can’ and it certainly works for that. The container itself is large and roomy – BUT COMPACT. it has a velcro closure at the top and presses in to fold and becomes completely flat! The bag has convenient and super user-friendly straps that wrap around the headrest of a car seat, allowing the product to be placed conveniently in the back seat. I think this is an AMAZING placement – mostly because your kids can easily reach it to throw things away. No more sticky snack trash in the backseat!! (How awesome is that?!) Also the placement against the back of the seat also makes it simple for the person in the front seat to reach it (depending on what side of the car you attach it). I recommend getting one for both sides — they are just that awesome.

So, obviously like I said, Mas27 markets this as a car trash can… but OMG at the versatility of this product. It really can be used for so much more than a trash receptacle. The entire inside of the bag is lined, waterproof and leak-proof! Yes, this does make it great for protecting your car from leaking juice boxes, however … slap in an ice pack and you have a hanging lunchbox for a picnic or beach trip. This is exceptionally effective because the lining is so easy to clean. It also works as a resuseable thermal bag for toting groceries. On the other side of the spectrum – for college students – this hanging storage bin makes a great place to store s100_3396ome extra school supplies conveniently in your car.. in case you forget something you need.

I really cannot say enough about this bag and how much I have really enjoyed it. It is super effective and has a very streamlined look. My only criticism is that I wish it came in other colors… because then they would be ALL OVER MY HOUSE!.

If you are interested in learning more about this product or even purchasing it for yourself – head on over to the Product’s AMAZON PAGE

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I have not been compensated for this review. All statements are my own opinion after having used the product.

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