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Get $50 in FREE Adult and Kids Clothes from Schoola! Get 50% Off Your Entire Purchase!



Everyone has heard me talk about the Schoola website both on my blog and on my social media pages. That’s because I love the site! They are always running really awesome sales on gently used clothes. Many of which still look brand new. Some even still have tags. Many of their items are high end designer names. You will not find these brands any more affordable than you will on Schoola. Not to mention – they GIVE AWAY free clothing all the time.

This entire ‘purchase on Schoola cost me NOTHING out of pocket.

Right now, new members who sign up get a free $15 towards a purchase of any size. Then if you use the on-site cues to ‘create a collection’ you will receive an additional $10 credit in your account! (When you are searching their site for clothes, look in the left hand column to ‘name’ and then press the button to ‘create’ your collection EASY PEASY!) That’s $25 right there…. but I am not done yet! Right now they are running a huge fall sale and have released a discount code that gives you 50% off your ENTIRE order. Not to mention Shipping is FREE right now. So, if you add $50 worth of awesome adult and children’s clothing to your cart, go to checkout and enter code: APPORTUNITY in the appropriate field… your order will be completely free.

  • NOTE: A debit or credit card number is required but you WILL NOT be charged. They do this prevent people from opening up numerous accounts for the credits but paying with the same card. I have ordered many times from this site – and have never had any issues whatsoever.

So, I definitely encourage you to hop on over to Schoola and snag up your Free Clothes with Free Shipping! Like I said, I have ordered from this site many times and can personally vouch for the quality of their products and customer service. All pictures on this page are actual images of my recent order from the site – All are Lane Bryant and Torrid Tops and Jeans – and I paid NOTHING out of pocket

11997274_10207702814433966_1859648134_n  11940255_10207702814473967_644583563_n

So what are you waiting for – go sign up, create your collection and get shopping! Don’t forget to use coupon code ‘Boo’ at checkout to get 50% off your order AND free shipping.

*Note – existing customers do not get the sign up credit – you are eligible for the $10 create a collection credit if you have not previously gotten it. EVERYONE can use the coupon code regardless of whether you are a new sign up or not! So, go to Schoola to get started!


FREE Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara with Amazon Coupon!

As you may know, Amazon actually runs it’s own form of a coupon! If you use the search bar for ‘Amazon Coupons’ you will get a link for the Amazon coupon book which will list everything that Amazon is running ‘coupon’ deals on right now.


As of right now ( we aren’t sure how long it is going to last) they are featuring a coupon for $3 off various Covergirl mascara’s including their new Clump Crusher which is selling for $2.29!! If you have prime this item will ship to you at no charge.

How to Get Your Free Covergirl Mascara

Click the amazon image of the mascara down below ( we tried to make this easy for you!)

When you arrive at the product page – Look below the price to find the button that says clip coupon to save. CLICK IT. Then simply procede to checkout. Your total will be $0.00 excluding shipping fees.
Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara By Lashblast, Brown 815, 0.44 Ounce


**If you don’t have Amazon Prime** Your total will be close to $6 for shipping. So PLEASE use the link below to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime so you do not miss this awesome freebie. Costs nothing to sign up- Free 2-day shipping for thirty days. Cancel anytime. 
Join Amazon Prime – Listen to Over a Million Songs – Start Free Trial Now





Get $15 Worth of Free Children’s and Adult CLOTHES from Schoola!

THIS IS A DEAL YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GET IN ON. If you enjoy discounted gently used clothing – the Schoola site is something you need to check out. This site gets all of their merchandise via donations. They carry clothing in sizes from toddlers all the way up to men’s and women’s sizes.

This site has a good mission behind it – all of these gently used items are sold at DIRT CHEAP prices – and the proceeds to towards helping schools. This site is an excellent backer to school fundraisers and purchasing through this store is an excellent way to give back to education … Having said that they are running a huge promotional deal right now.

If you use the link of an already existent Schoola account holder (like us) you will get a $15 credit towards a purchase of any amount on the site When you make ANY purchase  Yes, you read correctly — that is $15 in free children’s or adult clothes simply for using the link we will provide you. You will have to pay shipping – but it’s a minimal fee compared to retail stores shipping costs -and YOU CAN PAY WITH PAYPAL! Which we think is awesome.

How To Get Your Credit
Go to the Schoola website using one of our links on this page. Click the Join/Sign In button – then click the register button to create an account. Fill out the short form. Once you’re done – browse the sight and pick out a cheap item. There are hundreds of items in literally every size some as low $1-$2. I personally got a Torrid denim skirt and two infant outfits for $14 and some change. Once you have picked your items and put them in your ‘bag’ click the ‘go to bag’ option to checkout – you have the option to ‘pay’ with either PayPal or credit card – you can select either, After you have made a purchase through them – you will be given a $15 credit towards your next purchase – no price limitations. That means if you spend $15 or less – all you are gonna pay is their tiny shipping fee.

Simply proceed through checkout and give them your shipping info and that’s it. You will get an e-mail shortly containing your tracking information!

Remember though you have to use our referral link to get this deal. Start by clicking HERE


Free Heart Pendant Necklace for Having 5 Friends!!

Right now the 1Sale website is running a promotional offer to get people registered to their site. They are giving away the above pictured heart pendant to people simply for sharing the site and the offer with their friends. All you need to do is visit the link that we’ll give you down below – and register using their brief form. They will then give you a link to share via e-mail or social networking. If you can get five friends to register to the site you get your pendant — and of course when your friends register – they then get to share to get their pendant!!

So share the love and get your FREE pendant.

To be taken directly to the promotion CLICK HERE 

Free Sample of Cobrazol Pain Relief Topical Gel

Who doesn’t love a good medicine freebie? Saw this one on a freebies list and had to share. For a limited time, pain relief brand Cobrazol is offering FREE samples of their topical pain relieving gel. Nothing to buy, no shipping to pay. All you need to do is visit their site through the link below and click the ‘add to cart’ button. You will then be directed to a ‘cart’ page – no need to change anything just click ‘continue to checkout’.

At this point you will see a login screen – but there is no need to create an account unless you would like one. You can simply select the ‘checkout as guest’ option and continue on to the address form. Fill out the form with all of your correct shipping information and submit. Select the ‘free shipping’ option on the next page and continue on to the final review page where you will just hit continue — and you’re done. You will see an order number and a message that lets you know they have sent you a confirmation e-mail.

It sounds like a lot – but it really only takes about 1 minute to complete this offer – and it prompts you all the way to – not complicated at all.

So, go get your hands on this freebie before they stop offering.

Go straight to the Cobrazol Form by clicking HERE

And as always be sure to Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter (links over –> there 🙂 ) and there are share buttons down below if you think your friends might want to get in on this freebie!!

Free Full Size Face Wash from Painted Theraputics!

If you love beauty freebies as much as we do – we’re guessing you are going to want to jump on this one before it’s gone. Right now the Painted Therapeutics brand is offering full-sized samples of their  Optimum 15 Vitamin C Face Wash ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you have to do to get this freebie is click on the link we give you to their face book – like their page and sign up for the sample. The product is valued at $8 retail so this is really an awesome freebie!

Click HERE to go straight to the form!

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FREE 1 Year Subscription to Everyday with Rachel Ray through ValueMags

I have to say – I absolutely love Rachel Ray – and this magazine is amazing. So when someone told me that I could get a year for free. I was like, YES PLEASE. This publication is amazing – all kinds of great recipes, house and home ideas, etc. This is also one of those mags that when purchased off the shelf is gonna cost you a pretty penny – especially if you buy it every month. Right now however, you can get it from the ValueMags website for FREE.
How Do I Get My Freebie?
Simple.Go to the ValueMags site fill out the brief address form. Hit Submit. You will then be taken through two SHORT pages of sponsor offers, just click no. We hate them – but they are what make this site free! After those pages you will be directed to the thank you url, but on that page are a whole list of OTHER magazines you can get – ABSOLUTELY FREE – and a lot of them are pretty popular publications.

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Free Sample of Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste

So, browsing around online today – I found out that Arm&Hammer is giving away free samples of it’s Truly Radiant Rejuvenating Whitening toothpaste — and of course I had to share. All you have to do is fill out a short form and wait for yours to come in the mail.  Click the picture above or HERE to be taken to the short form.


These were the samples I got.

I absolutely LOVE this toothpaste. I was actually introduced to it about a month ago through a campaign on Smiley360 (a sampling and product testing community) I was sent a free sample of the toothpaste and its corresponding mouthwash as well as an Arm&Hammer Spinbrush. I have to tell you – the toothpaste is amazeballs. Even after one use – my teeth felt so clean – and kept that feeling for hours. It really helps get all the gunk out of your teeth — and when they say whitening, they certainly are not lying. I used this stuff for a week straight and I had family members asking me if I went and got my teeth bleached. My teeth certainly are not yellow – but they aren’t as white as they could be from years of coffee drinking and smoking.

Another great feature of this toothpaste is that it helps repair enamel and prevent cavities – which is amazeballs. I actually lost a filling right before I got this Smiley kit in the mail – but couldn’t get to the dentist for another two weeks – I really think this toothpaste helped me keep the cavity clean and keep the pain manageable.

I have continued to use this toothpaste over time – and believe me – the results just keep becoming more noticeable.

We give this product

So go get your sample HERE 

Also, if you are curious about the Smiley360 Communty where you can try products for free and tell the world about them – see our blog post from earlier this month to find out how to get started.

Free Sample of Diapers AND Wipes from Simply Right

If you love baby samples and freebies like we do – here’s one you will definitely want to go sign up for. Simply Right – a Sam’s Club brand – is giving away samples of both their diapers AND wipes. All you need to do is fill out the short form and voila! Free stuff.


On this sample form you will see that there are checkboxes for numerous sizes. The form allows you to click all of the sizes AND the wipes. We are not sure if they send you samples of all sizes – but it seems that way. (This is nice for mommies like me who have tiny babies who are small – you will have a few extra diapers stashed around as your baby grows lol.)

Click the picture to go directly to the form – or click HERE

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Free Condoms from Kondom -No Shipping

This is definitely a freebie that you don’t see very often online — Free Condoms. but the Kondom website is revolutionizing that idea. Their site is dedicated to providing free condoms to people all over the world and eliminating shame and poverty as reasons for unprotected sex. They do their best to educate about safe sex and STD’s and their program sends free condoms to anyone who applies anywhere in the world. We are not sure exactly how many they send – but it’s more than a handful I’m pretty sure.

How do I get this freebie?

Simply go to the Kondom website and fill out the very short application on this home page – no personal info required except your name and address so that your package can be mailed to you. They do take a few weeks to get mailed – but they are free right! 

Click HERE to go to the application.

This is a great resource – especially to people who cannot afford contraceptives – so please – share this post with your friends there are sharing tools below – help get the word out about this awesome program.

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