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Free Welcome Baby Box When You Create an Amazon Baby Registry – While Supplies Last!

If you have a baby, are expecting a baby- or if you just love freebies… we’ll we’ve got a monster for you. Get a free ‘Welcome Baby Box’ on Amazon just for creating a registry!! These boxes have all kinds of awesome things in them. All of it is valued together at $50+. Some of the things included have been Gerber Formula, Playtex Bottles, Gerber Foods, Various Lotions, Wipes… the works.

So, how do you get your box? It’s easy – create a baby registry on Amazon (it’s free, no worries). I recommend adding a few items to it- but that’s not required. That’s it- wait one to two days. You can either watch your e-mail for the invitation to accept your gift OR check your dash on Amazon regularly for the next few days till you see the button on the side to claim your box. It will be added to your cart and once you checkout you will pay nothing and it’s shipped free!! This is definitely a freebie worth jumping on. They will be in stock on and after August 1st and run until supplies run out!!


They are also running a sweepstakes for baby registry participants. If you create your registry and add 20 or more items to it Рyou will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes. They are giving away a $500 gift card to someone EACH WEEK until  October!! How cool is that. You can find info on the sweepstakes HERE.


Free SnakeSkin Condom Sample! Get it While it’s Hot!

Here is another great freebie we are sure you will want to get in on — Lifestyles has come out with their new ‘Snakeskin’ line of condoms – and they want everyone to try them out and give them some feedback.

If you are interested in this freebie – all you need to do is click the link provided at the bottom of this post to head on over to their Facebook page and fill out the short form to sign up for their sample.

Go to the Form

Free Sample of Cobrazol Pain Relief Topical Gel

Who doesn’t love a good medicine freebie? Saw this one on a freebies list and had to share. For a limited time, pain relief brand Cobrazol is offering FREE samples of their topical pain relieving gel. Nothing to buy, no shipping to pay. All you need to do is visit their site through the link below and click the ‘add to cart’ button. You will then be directed to a ‘cart’ page – no need to change anything just click ‘continue to checkout’.

At this point you will see a login screen – but there is no need to create an account unless you would like one. You can simply select the ‘checkout as guest’ option and continue on to the address form. Fill out the form with all of your correct shipping information and submit. Select the ‘free shipping’ option on the next page and continue on to the final review page where you will just hit continue — and you’re done. You will see an order number and a message that lets you know they have sent you a confirmation e-mail.

It sounds like a lot – but it really only takes about 1 minute to complete this offer – and it prompts you all the way to – not complicated at all.

So, go get your hands on this freebie before they stop offering.

Go straight to the Cobrazol Form by clicking HERE

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Free Full Size Face Wash from Painted Theraputics!

If you love beauty freebies as much as we do – we’re guessing you are going to want to jump on this one before it’s gone. Right now the Painted Therapeutics brand is offering full-sized samples of their¬† Optimum 15 Vitamin C Face Wash ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you have to do to get this freebie is click on the link we give you to their face book – like their page and sign up for the sample. The product is valued at $8 retail so this is really an awesome freebie!

Click HERE to go straight to the form!

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Free Sample of Diapers AND Wipes from Simply Right

If you love baby samples and freebies like we do – here’s one you will definitely want to go sign up for. Simply Right – a Sam’s Club brand – is giving away samples of both their diapers AND wipes. All you need to do is fill out the short form and voila! Free stuff.


On this sample form you will see that there are checkboxes for numerous sizes. The form allows you to click all of the sizes AND the wipes. We are not sure if they send you samples of all sizes – but it seems that way. (This is nice for mommies like me who have tiny babies who are small – you will have a few extra diapers stashed around as your baby grows lol.)

Click the picture to go directly to the form – or click HERE

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Free Condoms from Kondom -No Shipping

This is definitely a freebie that you don’t see very often online — Free Condoms. but the Kondom website is revolutionizing that idea. Their site is dedicated to providing free condoms to people all over the world and eliminating shame and poverty as reasons for unprotected sex. They do their best to educate about safe sex and STD’s and their program sends free condoms to anyone who applies anywhere in the world. We are not sure exactly how many they send – but it’s more than a¬†handful I’m pretty sure.

How do I get this freebie?

Simply go to the Kondom website and fill out the very short application on this home page Рno personal info required except your name and address so that your package can be mailed to you. They do take a few weeks to get mailed Рbut they are free right! 

Click HERE to go to the application.

This is a great resource – especially to people who cannot afford contraceptives – so please – share this post with your friends there are sharing tools below – help get the word out about this awesome program.

Get 3 Free 8×10 Photos from Cannon

If you love the Cannon brand jump online and get 3 FREE ¬†8×10 photos from Cannon ¬†Not only are they connoisseurs of cameras and camera accessories but also varied electronics – including a new line of photo printers they are promoting right now. As a part of this promotion, camera is giving you the opportunity to see how beautiful pictures can be when printed on these top of the line photo printers. Each household has the option of having (3) 8×10 photos sent to them – one printed off of each of the three printers they are advertising.

How to Get Your Freebies

Visit their site and register. (LINK BELOW) Then check your e-mail for the confirmation to activate your account. Once you log in you should be located on the Request Free Sample Page. First, you will want to go select three photos that you will want to have made. To get started, select the first printer from the drop down list. Click Submit. Then click the Choose¬†File button to select the first photo you want to use. Once it uploads, use the next drop down list to select the type of paper you want it printed on. Then hit submit. If you get a red text indicator that says your picture is too small – don’t fear. Simply open the picture in the paint application on your computer and follow this simple site¬†or using these instructions to do it in your computer’s paint application.

Once you have submitted your photo – it will take you to a screen to verify your shipping into – just confirm it and voila! One 8×10 is on the way.

**Remember to go back to the request a sample page and repeat this process twice more with the remaining two printers to get all three of your free images.

Click HERE to go to the register page.

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Freebie Alert! Free Samples of Laundry Detergent!


Do you love all-natural products? Then you will love this company. Suds-N-Shine makers of all-natural hand-made laundry detergent recently launched their new website. As a promotion they are giving away free samples of their product. The bag they are giving away will easily wash 1-3 loads and is safe for both regular and high-efficiency machines!

Click the Pic to Get Your Freebie!

All you have to do is visit this site (see the links provided) and add it to your card. As you proceed through the checkout process, use the coupon code ‘ sample ‘ ( all lowercase) to get your product and free shipping! Fill out your address and contact info and checkout! That’s it – your order will be process and shipped out.

Frugal Freebie Note – I was able to send this to two different addresses – AND I added three to my cart and they all processed successfully – so try for multiple bags if it lets you — as we are not sure if this is a glitch or not ( but it’s worth a try)¬†

Click the picture to order your freebie! Enjoy ūüôā

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Get Legit Samples and Trial Products: Smiley360

Click the Pic to Visit

So, as you know, here at Frugally Fruitful we absolutely love free products. Free samples are a gift from God and while any sample is great – the bigger the better. I mean sure – getting one teabag to try in the mail is great but you can’t really form a full-fledged opinion about a product by just trying something one time. Smiley360 is breaking all the rules when it comes to sampling and if you aren’t already a member of this community you’ve been missing out.

Smiley360 is not really a ‘sample site’. It’s more of a product testing community. The goal of this site is to be a link between companies and their customers.They want you to try and test out new products and services (FOR FREE) and in return they want you to use a variety of sharing methods ( discussion boards and social media sites) to give your HONEST reviews and opinions about the product.

How does Smiley360 Work?

The process is insanely simple. You go to the site and sign up. Make sure that you are using all valid address and contact info- as they will be sending you product. Complete your profile and answer all the questions about your self and your household. Take this seriously as your answers to these questions is what they use to match you to various products.

Once you have done that all you have to do is wait. As product testing ‘missions’ become available Smiley360 will automatically match them with the best potential candidates. Check the site daily to see if you have any new invites. Once you get one, read through to make sure it’s something you are interesting in testing ( you can decline if you are not interested.) ¬†Once you accept just wait for your package to come in the mail.

Sharing Your Opinion

When you get your product jump in and start using – then get back online and start using the various sharing outlets that the site offers. You will receive instructions with your package and your online dashboard will have a list of required activities for that mission. You will be asked to do things like share your opinions on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You may be asked to take pictures of your product or you using the product and upload them. You may be asked to participate in a review program on the manufacturer’s website. Each activity gives you a certain amount of points. These points tell the site how active and dedicated you are to the community. The better your score — the more invites you will likely receive.

That’s it. Like I said the concept and the site are pretty easy to understand and navigate. So, if you like free product and like to be the first person to try things and share your opinions with the world – definitely get in on this community. I myself am on my third campaign and I am having a blast with it.

This is a picture of the products they sent me (for free) for my latest campaign.


Pretty awesome huh? Yes those are full size Arm and Hammer samples. So, like I said, if you are not in this community you are really missing out on a cool opportunity to share your opinions and get your voice out there. These companies are selling these products to you – shouldn’t you have a say in how things are done? BE PROACTIVE — ¬†and get free stuff.

If you are interested in joining this community РGo visit their site. Also, check out our other frugal resources 

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Freebie Alert! Free Engraved Keepsake From Things Remembered


Here’s another amazing freebie that we just have to share with you. It’s a free jewelry freebie. If you are getting married – or are engaged – or planning a wedding – or not – the Things Remembered

website is offering you a voucher for a free¬†engraved¬†keepsake heart necklace just for signing up for their bridal catalog. Seriously – you put fill out your name,¬†e-mail and a few other simple fields on a form – and that’s it. A few minutes later¬†you will get an e-mail that contains a voucher for your free item. Simply print it out and take it the nearest Things Remembered location to claim your free jewelry freebie.

Click the picture –> to go right to the sign up page for the catalog. Enjoy your freebie.

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