TRESemme Class Action Settlement: File a Claim and receive up to $50 – NO RECEIPTS REQUIRED

tresRecently, A class action lawsuit was filed against Unilever – the maker’s of TRESemme brand products. The law suit was based around the fact that they claimed their TRESemme Naturals products have packages that indicate that the products are ‘natural’ when they indeed are not.

Unilever has entered into this settlement to avoid costly litigation – but their participation in the settlement process is not an admission of guilt.

You can file a claim online. You can receive a total of up to $5 per bottle that you have purchased up to a total of 10 bottles or $50. You can claim more than ten bottles if you have receipts to back it up.

Deadline for filing your online claim in this case is October 24th  and no more submissions will be considered for reimbursement after that date.

If you would like to file a claim in this settlement  – CLICK HERE and fill out the online claim form!!





Huge Amazon Diaper Deal! 50% off Seventh Generation Diapers RUN!


there is a 50% coupon on amazon right now on Seventh Generation Diapers.
It’s also a subscribe and save item + if you have prime you get an additional 20% on all diaper purchases – so these huge packs are coming up dirt cheap – here’s the lay of the land –
size 2 180 count $17.60 tax included
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Size 5, 115 Count – $16.23 tax included
size 6 100 count $17.60 tax inlcuded

CLICK THE COUPON ON THE LINK PAGE OR ON THE INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT PAGES.  Go through the subscribe and save checkout process to get to the prices listed above. Remember – there is no commitment at subscribe and save – you can cancel your subscription after your package arrives.

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Earning Amazon Gift Cards and Cash Online

Welcome back to Frugally Fruitful’s Legitimate Online Moneymaking Series. Here on FF we aim to present you with a wide array of resources that you can use to expand your budget and save money on the things that you want and need. InstaGC is definitely a resource that does just that.

What is InstaGC and How do I get Amazon Gift cards?!

If you enjoy shopping online and getting things for free – we definitely recommend this site. InstaGC (which stands for Instant Gift Cards) is a reward site where you earn points by participating in different activities such as signing up for offers, watching videos or registering with various websites. Once you accrue points to your account they can be traded in through the website for instant cash or INSTANT gift card codes.

What’s the Appeal?

The reason this site is so awesome is because it is extremely easy — with just a little effort and a few minutes a day – you will be buying great products from your favorite stores and not spending a dime of your own money. You will be amazed at how quickly points add up.

How do Rewards Work?

On InstaGC 100 points is the equivalent of $1-and unlike other rewards sites you can literally cash out at any amount. Choose from hundreds of online retailers – I myself have looked through all of them – and could not think of a single major retailer that was not on this A to Z list. Litterally…from Amazon to Zulilly they are all there. Also this site has an alternate option that lets you draft your rewards to your bank account in lieu of gift cards – which is kind of awesome if you are needing cash. Redeem rewards a few dollars at a time or save for a higher dollar amount — the choice is yours. as you can see from the banner below – I have already earned $182 in cash and cards from this site!

Tips for Using InstaGC

While the interface is pretty simple to use – keep these tips in mind as you get started and you will save yourself a bit of a hassle. 

  • Before you start filling out offers to earn points, go into your web browser’s settings and make sure that you are accepting third-party cookies ( these cookies are what allow the offers to credit to your account). This option is usually found in settings under the Privacy tab. Simply move it to one of the lower settings.
  • Open several different e-mail accounts. Most offers require an e-mail to register – and you don’t want a bunch of junk mail clogging your primary e-mail. Also, having multiple e-mails will allow you to complete some offers multiple times. Just remember the passwords because occasionally you will have to confirm registrations via e-mail.
  • When completing offers ( especially ones with higher reward amounts) always be sure to take a screen shot of the end screen of whatever they have asked you to do – paste it into paint and save it. This way, if your offer doesn’t credit – you can e-mail the company and they can credit the points to you because you have proof.

So, we encourage you to use one of the various links on this page to head on over to the site and get started. We hope you enjoy this resource and find it as lucrative as we have.

Interested? Click >>HERE<< to Get Started

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Hipscarf Adds Pizzazz to Bellydance Workout!

If you have not tried belly dance inspired workouts – I can tell you – you are missing out on a wonderful and gut-busting experience. At any rate- a beautiful hipscarf is one of the most fun parts of the workout. A hipscarf is ornate, and the sound of the jangling charms help you keep time with your movements as you dance.

I have had several hipscarves over the last few years and one of the problems that I most commonly run into is that many of them are just not well made. Many are for decoration only and not for actual use – so the charms tend to rip and fall off leaving holes and making the product much less attractive. I am quite thankful to say that this was not an issue that I had with this one.

I ordered the purple scarf and it is quite stunning. There are several rows of layered coin charms that clack and jangle as you move really putting of the traditional bellydancer sound. The coin charms are a shiny gold color and do not pull off or break easily – which was something I was very happy about. The waist line is also decorated with a series of multicolored beads. They are sewn on quite well and are quite eye catching.

One of the features I liked most about this scarf was the length. From end to end this scarf measures nearly 60 inches. The ends are more narrow so hat they can be used to tie the scarf securely around the waist. I loved that they made it so long. I have purchased hipscarves in the past that to be honest were just too short to encompass my voluptuous rear end. I am thick and curvy and I appreciate a product that accommodates that. Any woman can utilize belly dance as exercise and no one should be left out of feeling beautiful when they do so! This hipscarf is really one of the better quality ones I have ever owned. The cloth is made of a soft velvet and is surprisingly light weight despite the hanging charms.


Overall – I have yet to find any flaws with this product – as you can see from the video and pictures i will post from this review – it works well on larger woman as well as smaller – the colors are bright and vivid and these make a great workout attire addition for any bellydance enthusiast.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid and did not promise positive commentary. All opinions are my own after having used the product as intended and having evaluated it to the best of my ability.

If you are interested ini checking out this product for yourself – it sells on Amazon for only $12.97 and you can check out the product page HERE

Full Disclosure: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for testing it and sharing my opinions of the product and it’s quality. I do not promise sellers positive commentary. All materials you have read here are a result of my personal experience with the product after having used it as intended and having tested it to the best of my ability.




Illumibowl Giveaway Ends 8/31

illumibowlAloha readers! Here at FF we love sharing with you guys about the latest and greatest products on the market. So we are super thrilled to introduce the Illumibowl to you! We will be reviewing the product early next month – but we wanted to go ahead and give you the inside scoop about this awesome gadget and give you early access to our giveaway! THREE lucky entrants are going to win a free Illumibowl from us and we are super excited about it!

If you haven’t heard about Illumibowl it is a motion activated light that attaches to your toilet. No more are the days of blinding yourself in the middle of the night with bright fluorescent lights. No more are the days of cleaning up urine splatters from boys and men who fumble around in the dark. No more are the days of ladies falling into toilets whose seats are left up by their counterparts in the middle of the night.

The Illumibowl features nine fun different color settings and can be set on any color or set to cycle through them. They provide plenty of light to see around your bathroom in the dark without having to turn on the lights. Kids will love these and parents will find them super convenient.

So – Do you want to win one? Checkout the giveaway widget below to enter and comment on this post for extra entries!


If you would like to learn more about this product visit the Illumibowl Website! 

Bloom VoxBox Review

I am lucky enough to be a proud member of influenster, a program that
sends out tons of free products for bloggers and social influencers to sample and review. I recently received their last box of goodies — the Bloom Vox Box. Here’s what was inclu

Sunbelt Bakery Bar

Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy  Thickening Hair Lift Spray

Cutex Nail Polish Removal Pads

Secret Outlast Extend Deodorant

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Oil

Sinful Colors Nail Polish


Check out the video to get all my thoughts and insider information!

If you would like to get free products to review – sign up for Influenster! 


Full Disclosure – I received all of these items for free for participating in the Influenster product review program. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post – only samples of the products for me to try and give my honest opinion on. I am not affiliated with any of the brands in any way – all statements made are my personal opinion after having used the products as intended.


A Special Request: Help A Father in Need This Father’s Day.


As you celebrate your father’s, spouses and the joy that comes with being a parent – please take some time to remember those who may not be experiencing joy today. Some have lost their fathers and are experiencing their first Father’s Day without them.. while some fathers are experiencing the heartache of losing their children and having to say goodbye.

I am sharing this story because this family needs all of the help they can get. I cannot imagine the grief this father is going through and it is my special request for you, my readers that we uplift this child and his family in prayer and help however you can.

2 year old Giavonni Denaro was recently in a horrible accident. He fell into a pool and drowned. He was resuscitated but is currently on life support and requires a ventilator to breathe for him. He has also suffered severe brain swelling. The prognosis is not good and the doctors are expecting he will pass in the very near future.

Gioanni’s father, Nicholas will experience father’s day today and it will likely be the last one he will have with his son. Please remember them today as you spend time with your family.

The family is in great need of help as they prepare to lay their much loved child to rest. Funeral costs and hospital bills should be the last thing they should have to think about while they grieve. I am sharing below a link to the GoFundMe fundraiser page that has been created for them. If you can help, please do. If you cannot help financially – please say a prayer for this family and share this post so that other’s can see it and possibly help as well.


I wish you all a happy holiday. Hug your children extra tight and tell them you love them. We never know what may happen tomorrow.



Make a Sick Baby Smile with the Froggy Tots Digital Baby Thermometer

frog3I have never once seen my child get excited about having her temperature taken until we ordered this product. She absolutely loves frogs and was absolutely thrilled when I took this out of the package. This thermometer has a fun design and is very well made. The tip is narrow and flexible – which is great because it’s not going to snap in half if you have a squirmy baby trying to get away from you while you check their temperature.

The LED display screen is not HUGE but is large enough to be seen clearly and read easily without a struggle. This thermometer can be used orally or under the arm – whichever the parent prefer – both are accurate and effective. I also really liked how the device is so easy to clean in between uses I wipe ours down with an antibacterial wipe and allow to air dry. The device also has a little cover that keeps it safe and protected so i can put this in the diaper bag and send it to grandmas without worrying it’s going to turn on and the batteries are forggoing to go dead.

When you receive the thermometer- it will read in Celsius. In order to change it to Fehrenheit all you need to do is press the button down for two seconds and it will switch over. You can see how to do this in the video.

Overall – this is definitely a product worth having if you have a young child at home – it’s simple to use and really effective, The frog theme was a lot of fun. Definitely worth having.

If you are interested in ordering one for your little tot check out their Amazon Product Page 



I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I did not promise positive commentary. I am disclosing this information in accordance with FTC Laws and Regulations.

Beaubomb Makeup Brush Set is a Must Have

brushes4I am absolutely in love with this makeup brush set from Beaubomb. I could not be more thrilled with the design or quality of this set. I am quite a stickler when it comes to makeup brushes. I believe in using high quality brushes because honestly they hold up longer and they work better. I like my brushes to not be super-hard but I do want the bristles to have a bit of firmness to them because I feel like it really helps create the look your are looking for.

This kit comes with 10 regular brushes in various styles for everything from foundation and concealer to powder, eye-shadow and lip glosses. The bristles are soft and well inlaid to the brush which was another huge selling point for me. One of the things that annoys me most about cheap brush sets are the ones whose bristles fall out while in use and brushes whose bristles become misshapen and twisted from regular use. These brushes have nice thick bristle heads – they are soft against the skin but firm enough to be effective and there really is a brush for every type of product.

The set also comes with a really nice travel powder brush with cap. It’s fluffy and distributes product gently and evenly on the skin and the cap allows it to be tucked away inbrushes6 your pocket book without you having to worrying about damaging it or spilling makeup inside your bag. The kit comes in it’s own faux leather fold-up case with slots for organizing the brushes. It holds everything securely and is compact enough that it can easily be tucked in a purse or suitcase for travel purposes. This is a product that has performed incredibly well for me and the case is super attractive. This is a product that would make a great gift for any woman because goodness knows we should all replace our brushes more often. This is really a quality set and it is super affordable compared to other high-end brands.


If you want to check out this brush set from Beaubomb – visit their Amazon product page!

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid and did not promise positive commentary. All opinions are my own after having used the product as intended and having evaluated it to the best of my ability.

My Thoughts On Gwen Stefani’s New Album ‘This is What the Truth Feels Like”

target_cover500So, I was recently lucky enough to snag an early copy of Gwen Stefani’s new, long awaited album “This is What The Truth Feels Like”. It has been several years since Gwen’s last album and I was certainly curious about how her music would have changed this go-around.

The album – which released on March 18th (with exclusive tracks if you purchase from Target) definitely sheds light on a softer facet of the strong minded, woman power driven Gwen that we all know and love.

This albums songs are all different and unique in their own right – but have a reoccurring theme in them – the songs are very personal and each one discusses ideas and feelings that so many will relate to – but not everyone is brave enough to talk about. Obsession, hurt, pain, fantasy – it’s all there rolled up in one small package with Gwen’s face on it.

I can’t lie – It’s a great album. I think the thing that I love so much about this album is the variety. There are some awesome slower songs – there are some poppish songs – there areGS_Profile_ImageHI500 songs with an R&B and rap theme to them. All with Gwen’s unique take on the Genre’s

That’s the thing about Gwen – she is always pushing the envelope – her music is always evolving. I mean I will always be a huge NO DOUBT fan – but as a solo artist Gwen has continued to grow and evolve in her music and while people my age will appreciate another album from an artist we love and grew up listening to – the younger generation will also appreciate these songs as well.

Personally – my three favorite tracks on the Album were ‘Misery’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Used to Love You’ I found them both uplifting, upbeat and sentimentally thought provoking. Check ‘Used to Love You’ and ‘Misery’ below – It really is a great song – and most can relate to it in some way or another.

“Used To Love You”

The Song List for this album is as follows:

  • Misery
  • You’re My Favorite
  • Where Would I Be
  • Make Me Like You
  • Truth
  • Used to Love You
  • Send Me a Picture
  • Red Flag
  • Asking for It
  • Naughty
  • Me Without You
  • Rare

Remember – If you purchase the Exclusive Target Version of the Album you will also get 4 Exclusive tracks

  • Rocketship
  • Getting Warmer
  • Obsessed
  • Splash

If you are interested in checking out this Album you can Pre-Order your copy online at TARGET or purchase on iTunes

You can also purchase online directly through the Gwen Stefani Website

Here’s another video – Just Because we Love You! Don’t forget to share this post with friends on Social Media using #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike AND #GwenO2O

“Misery” (Lyric Video)
More Links to get your Gwen fix


Official Webstie:




I participated in this sponsored album review program as a member of One2One
Network. I was provided the album to review but all opinions are my own.
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