The Boggle Eyed Gog – A Fun Spin on The Typical Children’s Book

Recently, I had the opportunity to read the latest children’s book written by Todd Henderson and illustrated by  James McNulty. I agreed to review the book, though originally I had trepidation about sharing the book with my 2-year-old daughter because it was a monster book. Of course, like any parent, I did not want to subject my child to any content that may scare her – but after reading the book through once on my own I found it to be interesting, creative and humorous. 

The book is about a monster called the ‘Boggle Eyed Gog’ a slovenly, lazy, child eating miscreant who forms a plot to capture some children to eat for dinner by pretending to be friendly. Unfortunately for him, in a beautiful twist of plot – the children who he plans to eat actually end up eating him. (Don’t worry the language, illustration and concept are all child-friendly and appropriate). It actually is a fun story that can give children a more humorous concept of monsters – which I really liked.gog2

I will say -that my daughter at two has a more advanced vocabulary than most 3 and 4 year olds I know. That’s not me bragging up my kid – that’s just fact. She’s insanely intelligent. She loved this book. She understood the concept. Now I would say for others – this is a book best suited for the 4 and up zone – just because the language is a bit more eloquent than your typical children’s book-which is one of the best things about it. This is a book that kids will love that the parents will laugh along with as they read it as well.

Also, we really loved the illustrations in this book. They were very creative, colorful and vivid. They really were a great match for the book. The monster really matched his description and while ‘monsterish’ was not scary enough to evoke fear in children.


Overall, we were quite satisfied with the book. The language, concept and illustrations were a great package. It is a book the whole family can enjoy and is bound to become a family favorite in your home as it now is in mine.

If you are interested in checking out this book for yourself – you can purchase it through amazon as a paperback or as an e-book for download. Click the image below to go straight to the book’s listing page.

I received this book free for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions are my own, no additional compensation was provided.


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