TRESemme Class Action Settlement: File a Claim and receive up to $50 – NO RECEIPTS REQUIRED

tresRecently, A class action lawsuit was filed against Unilever – the maker’s of TRESemme brand products. The law suit was based around the fact that they claimed their TRESemme Naturals products have packages that indicate that the products are ‘natural’ when they indeed are not.

Unilever has entered into this settlement to avoid costly litigation – but their participation in the settlement process is not an admission of guilt.

You can file a claim online. You can receive a total of up to $5 per bottle that you have purchased up to a total of 10 bottles or $50. You can claim more than ten bottles if you have receipts to back it up.

Deadline for filing your online claim in this case is October 24th  and no more submissions will be considered for reimbursement after that date.

If you would like to file a claim in this settlement  – CLICK HERE and fill out the online claim form!!





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