Earning Amazon Gift Cards and Cash Online

Welcome back to Frugally Fruitful’s Legitimate Online Moneymaking Series. Here on FF we aim to present you with a wide array of resources that you can use to expand your budget and save money on the things that you want and need. InstaGC is definitely a resource that does just that.

What is InstaGC and How do I get Amazon Gift cards?!

If you enjoy shopping online and getting things for free – we definitely recommend this site. InstaGC (which stands for Instant Gift Cards) is a reward site where you earn points by participating in different activities such as signing up for offers, watching videos or registering with various websites. Once you accrue points to your account they can be traded in through the website for instant cash or INSTANT gift card codes.

What’s the Appeal?

The reason this site is so awesome is because it is extremely easy — with just a little effort and a few minutes a day – you will be buying great products from your favorite stores and not spending a dime of your own money. You will be amazed at how quickly points add up.

How do Rewards Work?

On InstaGC 100 points is the equivalent of $1-and unlike other rewards sites you can literally cash out at any amount. Choose from hundreds of online retailers – I myself have looked through all of them – and could not think of a single major retailer that was not on this A to Z list. Litterally…from Amazon to Zulilly they are all there. Also this site has an alternate option that lets you draft your rewards to your bank account in lieu of gift cards – which is kind of awesome if you are needing cash. Redeem rewards a few dollars at a time or save for a higher dollar amount — the choice is yours. as you can see from the banner below – I have already earned $182 in cash and cards from this site!

Tips for Using InstaGC

While the interface is pretty simple to use – keep these tips in mind as you get started and you will save yourself a bit of a hassle. 

  • Before you start filling out offers to earn points, go into your web browser’s settings and make sure that you are accepting third-party cookies ( these cookies are what allow the offers to credit to your account). This option is usually found in settings under the Privacy tab. Simply move it to one of the lower settings.
  • Open several different e-mail accounts. Most offers require an e-mail to register – and you don’t want a bunch of junk mail clogging your primary e-mail. Also, having multiple e-mails will allow you to complete some offers multiple times. Just remember the passwords because occasionally you will have to confirm registrations via e-mail.
  • When completing offers ( especially ones with higher reward amounts) always be sure to take a screen shot of the end screen of whatever they have asked you to do – paste it into paint and save it. This way, if your offer doesn’t credit – you can e-mail the company and they can credit the points to you because you have proof.

So, we encourage you to use one of the various links on this page to head on over to the site and get started. We hope you enjoy this resource and find it as lucrative as we have.

Interested? Click >>HERE<< to Get Started

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