Hipscarf Adds Pizzazz to Bellydance Workout!

If you have not tried belly dance inspired workouts – I can tell you – you are missing out on a wonderful and gut-busting experience. At any rate- a beautiful hipscarf is one of the most fun parts of the workout. A hipscarf is ornate, and the sound of the jangling charms help you keep time with your movements as you dance.

I have had several hipscarves over the last few years and one of the problems that I most commonly run into is that many of them are just not well made. Many are for decoration only and not for actual use – so the charms tend to rip and fall off leaving holes and making the product much less attractive. I am quite thankful to say that this was not an issue that I had with this one.

I ordered the purple scarf and it is quite stunning. There are several rows of layered coin charms that clack and jangle as you move really putting of the traditional bellydancer sound. The coin charms are a shiny gold color and do not pull off or break easily – which was something I was very happy about. The waist line is also decorated with a series of multicolored beads. They are sewn on quite well and are quite eye catching.

One of the features I liked most about this scarf was the length. From end to end this scarf measures nearly 60 inches. The ends are more narrow so hat they can be used to tie the scarf securely around the waist. I loved that they made it so long. I have purchased hipscarves in the past that to be honest were just too short to encompass my voluptuous rear end. I am thick and curvy and I appreciate a product that accommodates that. Any woman can utilize belly dance as exercise and no one should be left out of feeling beautiful when they do so! This hipscarf is really one of the better quality ones I have ever owned. The cloth is made of a soft velvet and is surprisingly light weight despite the hanging charms.


Overall – I have yet to find any flaws with this product – as you can see from the video and pictures i will post from this review – it works well on larger woman as well as smaller – the colors are bright and vivid and these make a great workout attire addition for any bellydance enthusiast.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid and did not promise positive commentary. All opinions are my own after having used the product as intended and having evaluated it to the best of my ability.

If you are interested ini checking out this product for yourself – it sells on Amazon for only $12.97 and you can check out the product page HERE

Full Disclosure: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for testing it and sharing my opinions of the product and it’s quality. I do not promise sellers positive commentary. All materials you have read here are a result of my personal experience with the product after having used it as intended and having tested it to the best of my ability.





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