A Special Request: Help A Father in Need This Father’s Day.


As you celebrate your father’s, spouses and the joy that comes with being a parent – please take some time to remember those who may not be experiencing joy today. Some have lost their fathers and are experiencing their first Father’s Day without them.. while some fathers are experiencing the heartache of losing their children and having to say goodbye.

I am sharing this story because this family needs all of the help they can get. I cannot imagine the grief this father is going through and it is my special request for you, my readers that we uplift this child and his family in prayer and help however you can.

2 year old Giavonni Denaro was recently in a horrible accident. He fell into a pool and drowned. He was resuscitated but is currently on life support and requires a ventilator to breathe for him. He has also suffered severe brain swelling. The prognosis is not good and the doctors are expecting he will pass in the very near future.

Gioanni’s father, Nicholas will experience father’s day today and it will likely be the last one he will have with his son. Please remember them today as you spend time with your family.

The family is in great need of help as they prepare to lay their much loved child to rest. Funeral costs and hospital bills should be the last thing they should have to think about while they grieve. I am sharing below a link to the GoFundMe fundraiser page that has been created for them. If you can help, please do. If you cannot help financially – please say a prayer for this family and share this post so that other’s can see it and possibly help as well.


I wish you all a happy holiday. Hug your children extra tight and tell them you love them. We never know what may happen tomorrow.





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