Blonde for a day with Sibode Long Curly Hair Cosplay Wig

brownI am a dark brunette naturally. It would be very hard for me to go blonde because it would mean bleaching my hair and that’s just not something I am ready to do. It’s nice however to be able to drastically change my look once in a while – and this long, luxurious loose curled wig from Sibode is perfect for that.

The wig is easy to put on and has straps inside the hair net to help you keep everyting in place. the cap is large enough you can tie your real hair into a loose bun and fit it under the cap with no issue. The hair is a shiny, cornsilk color has a lovely sheen to it. The hair is longer than you would expect. I am short and this flows nearly halfway down my back. I liked that the cap has a nice part to it. This wig has a really cute swoop bang to it which really framed my face nicely. The curls at the end of the hair are loose and flowing. A great wig for any occasion. The cap was comfortable and not hot and itchy at all.wig 4

My only issue with the product was that it kept wanting to slide back around my ears a bit and I noticed that if I tucked a hunk of the hair behind my ear like I would with my natural hair – it kind of stays that way even after it’s been untucked. Also – it can get a smidge firzzy even with brushing. Definitely a great product though – especially considering the price.


If you are interested in checking out this product – visit their product listing on Amazon!


wig 5

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid and did not promise positive commentary. All opinions are my own after having used the product as intended and having evaluated it to the best of my ability.


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