My Experience with the Aicok Compact Cool Wall 2-Slice Toaster

toast 1I absolutely LOVE this toaster. I had been looking for a small, compact option for some time now and this really has been just what I needed. I live in a very small apartment and the kitchen counter space is minimal and there is no room in the cabinets for storing appliances so I needed something that did not take up much space. The toaster we had before this was HUGE it was a four slice monstrosity from the 80s and it was an eyesore. This little guy has a crisp white finish and looks really nice in the kitchen.

The Aicok toaster has a couple of really awesome features. First of all – it has a turn dial that allows you to decide how dark or light you want your toast. I like mine on the lighter side ( settings 1, 2, and 3) anything higher and the toast gets darker – those settings are better suited for thicker breads and toast 2things like bagels.

The cancel button is also a nice feature – especially if you are trying to get use to the settings and figuring out which setting gets your toast to brown to your preference. If you want to check on the toast or if it’s getting too dark for you just hit the cancel button and it will turn off the toaster and eject the bread.

There are also reheat and defrost functions on this toaster – Which I thought was pretty cool. The re-heat does just that – simply warms things without any more ‘toasting’ the defrost allows you to turn frozen bread into toast without the forever long wait of waiting for it to defrost by itself. There is also a tray that pops out of the back that collects the crumbs and can be dumped and cleaned.

Overall – I am really happy with the performance of this product. It gets a full five stars from me for design, effectiveness and being super user friendly. Check out the video to see it in action.
toast 3 toast 4

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid and did not promise positive commentary. All opinions are my own after having used the product as intended and having evaluated it to the best of my ability.


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