Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream – My Skin Savior!

cetblogI personally suffer from horridly dry skin in the winter, especially on my forehead and cheeks. It’s annoying, uncomfortable and embarrassing at times because it will start to flake and when I wear makeup – it only makes the flakiness more noticeable.

  1. Flakiness is for BISCUITS. This is not acceptable – but thankfully – I found a solution. Recently I was selected to try out a number of products from Influenster and inside my package was this jar of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream!

I had heard of Cetaphil in the past but honestly, I thought it was one of those nasty medicated lotions… so I always overlooked on the shelf. Boy was I missing out.

This Moisturizing cream is thick, luxurious and super gentle on the skin – even for people like me. I have combination skin – so finding a moisturizer for my skin that will both nourish the super-dry areas of my face without making me break out or become over-oily is a challenge… but not for Cetaphil.

While the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream can be used anywhere on your cetaphilbody – I specifically use it on my face. It’s not heavily scented and I can use it in conjunction with my other skin care products with no issue at all. It has really done wonders for my flakiness and it won’t be long before I’m going to be buying another jar!

Also, for all you Mommies out there who have babies with eczema- this cream works great for them too. My one year old has suffered from eczema since birth and this cream is super gentle on her skin too – I rub this on her arms, legs and face after every bath and her skin is super soft and the eczema bumps are soothed and minimized by the cream. I couldn’t be more thankful!


So, if you are looking for something to save your skin during the winter months or for an extra boost of moisturizing nourishment any time of year, this blogger gives five stars, two thumbs up and a recommendation for you to try this product. I love it – and we think you will too!


Want to know more about Cetaphil? Check out their website HERE for more information about their whole line of products!


ALSO – If you are interested in being able to try out New and Amazing Products free so you can share your thoughts with the world – sign up with influenster


Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of this product free of charge from Influenster in exchange for my trying it and sharing my opinion. I was not paid for the review nor do I ever promise a positive commentary on any product I review. All opinions are my own after having used the product and evaluated it to the best of my ability.







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