Easy Hair Styling with The Sela Straightening Hair Brush

brushStraightening hairbrushes are all over the market right now and everyone is raving about them, so when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Sela Brush Hair Straightener, I couldn’t pass it up. The device is the same size and shape as a large paddle hair brush – just a bit weightier. It has a small LED screen on the back that lights up and shows the current temperature. The control buttons are on the side of the handle. The device is really easy to use – just plug it in, hit the power button choose your temperature and allow to heat up before running the brush through your hair. As with a normal flat iron- I recommend straightening the hair in sections for effectiveness and efficiency.

The ‘bristles’ of the brush are very close together and each has a rubbery straightening brush2tip on the end. As you take passes at your hair with the brush it straightens the hair leaving it flatter, softer and less frizzy. Much to my surprise – the product does work. I had a lot of reservations about using this type of styling device because I have very thick, wavy hair. Ordinarily- I have to use a very hot flat iron and it takes me about 30-4 minutes to get the level of straight that I am looking for. The most important thing I can say is the brush does straighten.

Now for some Pros and Cons

straightening brush3Pros: The shape and design are great. The hairbrush is very easy to handle and get a grip on. Because it is rounded and shaped like a brush it is a lot easier to get the underside of your hair – it is also a lot easier to straighten near your roots – you can get very close to your scalp and not have to worry about burning yourself which means no weird kink near your roots where your straightener couldn’t go. The LED screen is bright and easy to read. The brush heats up in a little over a minute – so no long wait time. The handle does not get hot. The bristles also massage your scalp so using this is actually pretty pleasant plus it leaves your hair super soft.

Cons: There were a few reasons why I gave this product four stars rather than five. One was that it reads in celcius. I don’t know how to convert -so I just put it at the highest setting. Another issue I had was that the buttons are on the side of the handle. Because this is a brush and you have to pull it through your hair, you have to have a good grip on the handle – but gripping the product almost always leads to accidentally hitting one of the buttons and I either change the temp or turn it off. This can be a bit of an annoyance. Also, I personally had to take several more passes over each layer to straighten than I would with my normal straightener and unfortunately, while it does straighten – I was not able to achieve the level of straightness I would normally want – but then again, I have very thick hair. I personally think this product would be perfect for people with less coarse, less wavy hair.

Overall, this is definitely a quality product. A great option to invest in if you want to try a straightening brush without investing a small fortune. It;s super simple to use and leaves your hair feeling soft and silky. Definitely worth trying out- just keep in mind that if you have super thick, wavy hair it may take you a bit longer to get the desired results.

Watch the product in action in my video.

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I have not been paid for this review, nor did I promise the seller a positive review in exchange for the product. All opinions are my own after having tested and reviewed the product to the best of my ability.


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