Our Experience with the “Solid Solana” Adjustable Wood Desktop Easel with Drawer

eas1A friend and I recently took up painting as a ‘stress release hobby’ and I enjoy it – even though she’s a lot better at it than I am. Unfortunately, the first couple of canvases I painted – had to be leaned up against a wall on top of the table in order to get them steady enough to use and at a height I could work with. When I came across this desktop easel from US Art Supply it looked perfect so I decided to give it a shot.

The easel is made entirely of wood. It came in one piece – so no worries about having to figure out how to put it together, which is great because i am less coordinated with a tool box than I am with a paint brush if that tells you anything. The entire thing folds up neatly and kind of looks like a stationary box that would sit on a desk – but folds out into an easel. The surface can be adjusted to the height and angle that works best for you or can be laid down completelyeas5 flat for drawing, coloring etc.

I really liked the fact that the easel had a built in drawer underneath which easily accommodates all of my painting supplies when not in use. Altogether, a really lovely product I’m actually considering having my husband stain it to give it a more finished look. Definitely a great investment for anyone who enjoys recreational art. Very user friendly.

eas6While I received my product for free to review – for being made of wood – the price is AMAZING. These are selling on Amazon right now for $19.99 and if you have prime – FREE SHIPPING. If you don’t have prime – no worries – snag a 30 day trial to do your Christmas shopping and cancel before the month is over and never be charged. Use the links below to check out the product AND the prime trial if you need one!

Click HERE to Check out the Solid Solana Easel! 

Click Here to get your FREE prime Trial! 




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