NYX Cosmetics Glam Shadow Stick Review and GIVEAWAY!

stickMy regular readers know that I am a huge fan of makeup products. I love to experiment with new products and try new looks. I was recently given the opportunity to try out a set of Glam Shadow Sticks from NYX Cosmetics – and at first – I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them. I have tried eye shadow sticks in the past from various brands and they left me disappointed. Many of them are very waxy and hard to apply. You really have to press to get them on there and even though the colors look vibrant they don’t always translate on the skin and honestly it’s like rubbing a cheap crayon on your eyelid.

So, as you can imagine – it was with trepidation that I first tried out this set from NYX. When I opened the box – the sticks were all very uniform and crisp looking. Each individual stick was a different color. The tips had a nice round point for easy application and the tops twist without struggle to allow you to expose more of the shadow stick and then twist again to re-sheath and put the cap back on. The caps come off easily – but click back into place and stay put.

As for application – use is extremely simple. You can use the bolder colors as an eye liner if you like or do a complete shadow look by covering the entire eyelid. The stick colors are Illuminating Topaz, Elegant Marble, Glistening Emerald, shadesVibrant Amethyst, Yellow Diamond and the hues are lovely and vibrant. To apply simply drag the stick gently along the lid to transfer color to the skin. uncappedAdd as much or as little shadow as you like! These sticks also blend well – the colors in this set all compliment each other and can be used in conjunction for some really bold, blended multi-color looks!

The only recommendation I have when it comes to use is that you may want to consider laying a white or nude colored shadow on the lid before you begin coloring to prevent creasing during the day – but over all the color has a lot of staying power and does not rub off easily – but will come off with soap and water or your standard makeup remover.

Overall – this is a great set. A wonderful addition to my cosmetic collection – these vibrant shadow sticks really allow me to create some wonderful, dramatic looks and the color palette easily compliments any skin or eye color. Definitely worth having.

We love these sticks so much that we are giving a set away to a lucky reader! How awesome is that. To enter – use the link below to go to our giveaway widget

NYX Shadow Sticks Giveaway Link!


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  1. Love It And Love U Nikki


  2. I love the illuminating topaz because is an electrical blue greenish that makes your eyes look fabulous and bold☺


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