Gamer in Your Life Need a Christmas Gift? Give Them The Sound Intone HD200 Light Weight Foldable Head Phones!

soundintoneMy husband and I both listen to a lot of audio and play video games and for both an excellent headset is a must. We have tried dozens over the years and while some work great – many are just sub-par. Seriously – most of the time you really get what you pay for when it comes to headsets. We have pretty high standards for devices like this – we want them to work and work well – so when my husbands last set of mic’d gaming headphones snapped in half and bit the dust – we found the sound intones and have been using them since.

These headphones really surprised me when it came to quality. Most of the others I have tried in this price range are just ‘ok’. Nothing to brag about. These came in a bunch of colors and oddly enough are super comfortable to wear. The earpieces are heavily padded and the band is adjustable so one size really does fit all. I mean if the largest setting does not fit your head — I would personally be scared to meet you.

At any rate – the Sound Intones are lightweight and collapsible. When folded they are very compact and can easily be fit into a backpack or purse for easy travel. The cord is braided wire – very sturdy and the hookup is your standard audio jack which is compatible with most devices, phones, gaming systems, etc. This particular model also has a built in mic – which 12179713_10208020687980606_50444363_nmakes them perfect for gaming. They are noise cancelling – and when audio comes through the device it cancels out all outside noise making conversation easy. You can easily hold a conversation while gaming or even on your telephone if you happen to answer while wearing them.

As far as sound quality is concerned – these headphones are great. Audio that comes through is clear and precise. There is no sound distortion even on audio with heavy bass. Volume does not effect the sound quality – which I thought was impressive

Over all we have really enjoyed our experience with this product. Sturdy, affordable and dependable the Sound Intones far exceeded our expectations in regards to quality. These are definitely a 12178193_10208020688180611_521259035_ngreat option for gifting too – especially for teens – because if something does happen to them they can easily be replaced without breaking the bank. I would definitely recommend them! I plan on buying myself a pretty purple set so I can quit stealing the pair I ordered for my hubby, He doesn’t like to share!!


Check out the video for my husband’s insights on specs and usage! Pay more attention to the audio than the vid. There’s an audio delay that makes it look like bad foreign voice over – lol

So if you need a new set of head phones for every day use – definitely consider these. Perfect for live gaming or just listening to music the jack is compatible with a variety of devices and the headphones are sturdy and have ah-mazing sound quality. They come in a ton of colors too – so you will easily find a set you like – my hubby just likes red and black so that was what I ordered! Go, check them out on their Amazon Page to see the other colors and for additional info!


I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. I have not been compensated. All opinions are 100% my own after having used the product extensively.


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