Get Sleek and Shiny Locks with the ISA Professional Straightening Iron: A Product Review

ISAI have very long curly/wavy hair. It has plagued me all of my life. I have been using straight irons since I was about 13 and for as long as I can remember — it has always taken me the better part of an hour to really straighten my hair to my liking where everything is flat and there are no ‘floofy’ or frizzy parts. I am a bit of perfectionist. A lot of straighteners I have tried in the past just were not up to my standards because I really hate having to go over the same section of hair over and over again to get the results I want. So, when I was offered the opportunity to try out the ISA Professional Flat Iron – I was elated to try something different. It is not like I had anything to lose.

I really like this straightener. It is very simple to use – unlike most straighteners I have used in the past, this one does not have an option to adjust the heat – you just plug it in and flip the switch on and allow it to heat up. From what I gather – the straightener automatically adjusts to your hair and straightens it without burning or damaging.

If I let my hair dry naturally and then straighten – the Isa straightener will leave hair shiny, soft and straight after just a pass or two. There is no need to have to continuously go over the hair again and again. The device is easy to hold and fortunately the outside of the straightener stays pretty cool so you don’t have to worry about picking it up and burning yourself.

In the spirit of leaving an unbiased review – here are the reasons why I gave this product four stars rather than five. Firstly, I

My sleek, shiny and soft super straight locks after using my ISA Professional Straightener

My sleek, shiny and soft super straight locks after using my ISA Professional Straightener

really wish that there was a way to adjust the temperature of the ceramic plate – I think having the ability to increase the heat a bit would cut down on the amount of time needed to straighten the hair. I have found personally that my hair straightens better under high heat – but that’s just me.

The second reason is the width of the device it is only about an inch or so wide and while it does a great job straightening the hair.. I really wish it could handle bigger sections of hair at one time.

Other than that – I find no fault with this product. It is an excellent styling tool. Definitely lives up to it’s claims and expectations – especially considering it comes with a 2 year warranty. I have enjoyed using it and I would most certainly recommend it to others.

This is just one product in the ISA professional line – they have a lot of cool products and I encourage you to check them out on Amazon. If you are interested in the ISA Professional Straightener that I have you can check out their product page to get more information

I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I have not been compensated. All opinions are 100% my own after having used the product extensively.


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  1. We’re so happy you loved our straightener!

    ISA Professional


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