Another Must Have Mommy Product: The Jasmine & Co. Breastfeeding Cover

I fully support breast feeding, even in public and even though it does not bother me in the least to see a mother feeding her infant – I know some people really get up in arms about it. So, when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Breastfeeding Cover from Jasmine & CO – I thought it would be an awesome product to try out and share with friends. I have about 15 friends who were all pregnant around the same time I was – so we all keep in touch, trade war stories and the like.

Right out of the package I was impressed with this nursing cover. It is a lovely color with a very pretty pattern – to me it looks like falling leaves but I have heard others say they think it looks like paisley – eye of the beholder I guess. The fabric is made of cotton and is very durable. It is not going to tear, rip or pull apart from normal every day wear and tear. Even though the material is strong – it is very lightweight and breathable. You do not have to worry about your baby being super hot underneath the cover or about it smothering them. It is perfect for any season – and any weather.

I really liked that this breasfeeding cover provided full coverage for the mother. I felt very covered and secure when I tried it out – There is plenty of fabric to cover the baby, breast and chest area without having to pull, hold or struggle with it. The cover goes on almost like an apron. It has a neck strap that goes behind the head to help keep it in place and is fully 2015-09-07 21.09.17adjustable for customizable comfort. The neck strap really provides an extra level of security while also giving the hands free experience as it prevents you from having to constantly hold and adjust the cover in place as you would with a traditional nursing cover.

Also – another cool feature is that even though you are fully covered when worn, the cover comes away from the chest in a sort of rounded opening so that you can easily see, hear and interact with your baby without having to lift or remove the cover during feeding.

Besides breastfeeding – this cover could also very easily be used to shield an infant from wind or bright sun while they rest in your arms. This could easily be paired with a newborn baby sling for a sleeping infant. – which makes it even more useful.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product – it is attractive, comfortable, easy to use – safe for baby and fabric is machine washable. Definitely a product I would recommend for new mothers.

Check out the video to see this product life in action. WARNING: This is a mommy blogger at home- I’m in my nightgown with no makeup on. Just thought I’d warn you in case you thought we are all fabulous all the time!

If you are interested in checking out the Jasmine & Co. Breastfeeding Cover – feel free to check out their Amazon page by clicking HERE or on any of the images on this page.

I received this product as a free sample for the purpose of testing and providing an honest and unbiased review. i have not been compensated. All opinions are my own after having used the product.


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