A Must Have for Mommies! The MamaWay Ring Sling Baby Carrier!

I had been looking at this type of carrier since before my daughter was born – but at this time – they were just becoming trendy and every one I saw was $100 – not something I could afford. But lo and behold ten months later I came across the Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier – and was offered the opportunity to try it – so of course – I ordered right away.

Right off the bat I was impressed at the sheer number of colors and patterns this product is offered in. Whether you are looking for a carrier for a boy or girl you are covered. There is something for you. There are even prints that could go either way if you are planning on being surprised by gender or are purchasing for a baby shower where the gender is unknown.

Personally, I ordered one of the multi-colored rainbow striped patterns. The print is vibrant, fun and absolutely gorgeous. This is not something that looks tacky when you wear it. It is super cute and stylish. The fabric is thick and durable. My child is nearly 25 pounds and it easily holds her weight. My guess is you could go right on using this up to around 18 months if your child will still cooperate. This fabric is sturdy – and I doubt it would rip or tear from any amount of normal everyday use.

The product essentially works by punning the end of the cloth over, under and through the two rings on the other side which creates the ‘sling’ effect. From there you just throw it over one shoulder and place your baby so he or she can sit 2015-09-03 17.22.25comfortably in the the pouch. Your baby will be at chest level, safe in your arms and able to see the world and interact with you.

I really enjoyed this product because it allows me to carry my daughter more easily. Not to mention it helps to distribute the weight more easily so that my back isn’t killing me after carrying her for ten minutes. The band on the sling is wide and sits gently and comfortably on the shoulder even when weight is applied. The rings are made of a sturdy and durable metal and do not bend or warp when in use.

This is a quality product that I am happy to own. I use it regularly and my child loves it! it is also daddy friendly as you can see from the pictures. Also here is a picture of the styles it comes in! I definitely recommend checking out their Amazon page to read more reviews and to check out the different patterns and colors! Click HERE or on ANY image on this page to check them out!

ALSO please check out the video below to see what this sling looks like and how it holds up with a MOVING baby! LoL.


At any rate – I would definitely recommend this product. It is strong, durable and both mommy and baby friendly. I wish I had found this brand sooner and will likely be buying a few more for shower gifts in the future.



I received this product free as a sample for the purpose of my review. I have not been compensated in any way. All opinions are 100% my own after having used the product extensively.


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