What We Loved About the Mindscope Turbo Twister Toy for Kids

I don’t have any children at home that could play with this – but my husband is an RC fanatic and I love having toys to keep around the house for when my nieces and nephews come over to visit. So, when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Mindscope Turbo Twister Pulse Orange – it looked like a lot of fun so I decided to order it.

This remote controlled ‘car’ type device takes 5 AA batteries all together – 2 in the remote and three in the toy – we used the cheap dollar store batteries and even those seem to be holding up to several days worth of use – so no worries about constantly having to change batteries – but if you have rechargeables those would be a great option too. If you are purchasing this for a child – note that they will need a bit of adult assistance as it requires the use of a screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Other than that – completely kid friendly.

The remote control is relatively easy to figure out. The toy turns in all directions on a dime and also has a neat function where the front wheels will turn sideways and flip the car. So there is definitely a lot going on visually – especially when you pair it with the fact that it has flashing bright multi-color lights going the whole time.

My only criticisms for this product are that I wish there was a bit more range capability. The remote will communicate with the toy only over a length of 10-15 ft – but it is a kids toy and a child is likely to want to be close to it – so I don’t really see that being an issue. My other criticism is that I would have liked for the controller to be a bit more durable – the toy itself is actually very sturdy – it can bump into things and not flinch – but the remote control could have been a bit better designed.

Overall – this is an excellent toy I would think this would be appropriate for ages 5+. I have enjoyed my experience with it and I would recommend it. It comes in a variety of colors so if you have multiple kids this would be the perfect thing to buy a few of and let them play together!

Check out a video of this toy in action! My husband and daughter loved it!

Like I said – this toy comes in a variety of colors – so if you are interested in checking them out – click any of the images below or HERE to be taken directly to the Amazon Product Page.

I received this product free as a sample for the purpose of my honest review. I have not been compensated in any way. All opinions are 100% my own after having used the product.


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  1. We have this toy and absolutely love it! Tons of fun…even (especially) for the big kids!

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  2. This looks really cool!! Love the bright lights. I even think I would like to drive it around. Thanks for sharing and great video 🙂


  3. This would be a great Holiday gift!!


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