$50 in Free Clothes + Free Shipping from Schoola!

Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I love Schoola! They sell gently used name brand clothes at a fraction of the cost and the majority of the proceeds go toward schools and education! How awesome is that. Do you know what else is awesome? The deals and promotions they run. Right now for example – New signups can get $50 worth of clothes ABSOLUTELY FREE – Like Don’t Even Pay Shipping kind of FREE.

How do I get these amazing freebies you ask? Why – let me break it down for you in easy to digest tidbits.

RIGHT NOW YOU CAN GET $15 in clothing for FREE simply for being a new member. So click HERE and go sign up.

On top of that – if you follow the on site instructions for ‘creating a collection’ you will instantly receive another $10 credit!! (When you are searching their site for clothes, look in the left hand column to ‘name’ and then press the button to ‘create’ your collection EASY PEASY!)

But WAIT! There’s MORE?!!

Right now they have a promo-code out that gives you 50% off your total! This works for all existing members AS WELL as new members – so everyone can get in on the deal! Simply enter the code  #‎schoolasummer‬ at checkout to get your half-off discount! How easy is that?!

So Let’s Recap. To get your FREE $50 in Clothes with FREE Shipping

SIGN UP – (gives you a $15 credit)

Name Your Collection (Gives you $10 Credit)

Browse site and add $50 worth of clothes to your cart.

CHECKOUT with code  ‪#‎schoolasummer‬

**Note** You will be asked for credit card info – but if your total is zero (and if you follow these instructions it will be!) You will not be charged a dime! I order from them all the time and have never had one issue!



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