Get a FREE 12 Pack of Aquatine Stop Smoke Aid + Free Shipping!!

Get a free sample 12 pack of Aquatine stop smoking aid – I ordered this so I know it works! Select the 12 pack and add to cart you will see in red at the top of the page

Be sure to enter coupon code “FREEAQ12″ at checkout to get your free sample.

Just add product to checkout, enter the promo code – and follow on screen prompts to enter billing info. Your total will go down to $0 – just make sure you click the FREE shipping option – you wont even need to put in a card number!

In case you are curious – here is what my order looked like! aquatine

It is a little small – but this is what is says!

Order #964

Product Quantity Price
Aqua-tine 12 Pack – 1 box contains 12 packets
1 $6.95
Subtotal: $6.95
Discount: $6.95
Shipping: Flat Rate
Total: $0.00

So – click the product image at the top of the page or HERE to get started with your order!


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  1. Wow, Free Aqua-tine, how cool is that!

    At first I used Aqua-tine when I was stuck somewhere where I couldn’t smoke or vape. Each packet contains the same amount of nicotine as 1 regular cigarette when smoked.

    For Nicotine Relief, I would take two packets and add them to whatever I was drinking at the time to get thru the moment without smoking or vaping. Within 5 weeks to my surprise, I ended up quitting smoking completely with it. At Starbucks I’d put two packets in my coffee so I wouldn’t have to go outside to vape. It’s called a S’Mocha Latte. An excellent pick me up!!


    • That’s Awesome! I had never heard about this stuff until I ran across the sample- but it seems like people are having a lot of luck with it! It seems so much more convenient than regular patches and gum- and a whole lot easier on the tastebuds, considering you can mix it into whatever you are already consuming!! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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