Sensational Exfoliation with Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

One of the most important factors in my skin care routine is exfoliation. I have very dry skin over much of my body and combination skin on my face and so it is very important for me to exfoliate on a regular basis to slough of dead skin because otherwise my skin just looks ashen and flaky.

I test a lot of skin care products and I have tested a few exfoliates – but most of them have been in the form of masks or face washes. Honestly – I really hadn’t used one that I thought was absolutely amazing – until I got my hands on the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub. If you read my product reviews regularly – you may remember that I reviewed a Mask from this brand a while back.. and loved it. I am actually a huge fan of this brand. They make great products and this one is no exception.

According to packaging and advertising this product is a unique blend of 21 different minerals that promote healthy skin and moisturization. This is a scrub that can be used on your entire body – including your face. It is meant to help slough off the dead skin cells from your top layer of skin while also infusing your skin with much needed moisture! It can be used in the shower or as a ‘hand exfoliate’ in a foot tub.

My Personal Experience with the Product

I have been using the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub for roughly a month now. I use the product once a week. Personally, I have found that it works best in a hot shower. The salt can get a little messy and the running water really helps to rinse it all away. The product can be used with a wash cloth, a loofah or even your hand. I prefer a loofah  – but that’s just my personal preference. I put a small amount of the scrub on my loofah and scrub my entire body.

The salt has a really nice feel to it – a very gentle abrasiveness if you will. It is one of the main reasons I liked this product so much. A lot of other exfoliates that i have used in the past do not have enough abrasive material in them to really even make a difference. This one is perfect. You can really feel it working when you scrub with it – but it doesn’t make your skin hurt or feel raw. Even when I use it on my face ( although I do recommend being a little more gentle when scrubbing your face!)

After using the product, I always follow up with the rest of my regular skin care routine. I apply my regular serums and moisturizer. I find that I like using this product best at night because it is really great at clearing out my pores and that my skin really soaks up the moisture and nutrients from my lotions over night when I sleep.

Overall – my experience with this product has been fantastic. The scrub leaves my skin feeling clean, rejuvenated and fresh. The product is easy to use – and has a lovely scent that lingers after use. I personally would recommend this product – as well as others in the Adovia line as I have tried several and have found them to be quit satisfactory.

If you are interested in reading further reviews on this product or purchasing it – you can find the product’s Amazon page by clicking HERE

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I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. I have not been compensated. All opinions are 100% my own after having used the product.


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