Product Review: L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Comforting Cream

Before I received this product (for free as a sample) I had never really interacted with this brand at all. I had seen a few of their products online and had passed their retail stores in malls in various cities but I personally had never experienced their product. Now that I have – I am really excited to share my thoughts with all of you.

So here’s the deal. I have horrible skin issues on my face. It is VERY hard for me to find moisturizing cream because I have such a combination face. The skin on my nose and cheeks is very dry and flaky while my forehead and chin bounce between being dry and oily – but to avoid my face flaking and peeling I HAVE to moisturize – YOU SEE MY DILEMMA HERE. So, when I received this product I was a little skeptical – not that it was a quality product – but that it would work for me. Boy was I wrong.

I used my L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Comforting Cream after my shower on a clean face for two weeks – but honestly I didn’t need to use it that long to know that it was working – the first day the skin around my eyes and nose were visibly less dry and flaky and softer to the touch. HOW EXCITING! After two weeks – all evidence of dryness on my face was gone – and even better – it didn’t cause any blemishes or pimples to the area of my face that were oily before. To be honest – it seemed like the L’OCCITANE cream really evened out the condition of my face – everything was the same texture – soft and smooth.

Another thing i really loved about this product was how little you had to use. When I received it- it came in a tiny jar – about the circumference of a quarter. I thought to myself – well I’ll get maybe two uses out of this .. three weeks later – I am still using it. It’s great – literally you only have to barely dab your finger in the jar and dot on your face. When you rub it in it spreads easily – no need to use a lot. Which is even better because it lasts longer.

So, all in all – I love this product- and I will definitely be buying it in the near future. It’s not greasy and I love how it makes my skin feel. Oh! and it is light enough that you can comfortably wear it under makeup without feeling heavy or icky. I personally give this product…

If you are interested in purchasing this cream and trying it out for yourself- click the picture to where you can buy it on Amazon –> 

How I got this product – I am a member of a product testing and reviewing community known as Influenster. They sent me this sample – FOR FREE – in exchange only for my honest opinion and reviews. I was not compensated or paid for this review in any way – all opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Aaaaah I know this stuff is quite expensive for what it is but there isn’t anything quite like it!


    • I know right! Typically I wouldn’t spend any more than $10-12 at most for fear that the product is not going to work on my skin but this stuff is amazing – and due to the fact you hardly need even a tiny dot to moisturize your whole face – a full size product (even if the jars are tiny) is likely to last a long time!

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