Free Sample of Arm and Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste

So, browsing around online today – I found out that Arm&Hammer is giving away free samples of it’s Truly Radiant Rejuvenating Whitening toothpaste — and of course I had to share. All you have to do is fill out a short form and wait for yours to come in the mail.  Click the picture above or HERE to be taken to the short form.


These were the samples I got.

I absolutely LOVE this toothpaste. I was actually introduced to it about a month ago through a campaign on Smiley360 (a sampling and product testing community) I was sent a free sample of the toothpaste and its corresponding mouthwash as well as an Arm&Hammer Spinbrush. I have to tell you – the toothpaste is amazeballs. Even after one use – my teeth felt so clean – and kept that feeling for hours. It really helps get all the gunk out of your teeth — and when they say whitening, they certainly are not lying. I used this stuff for a week straight and I had family members asking me if I went and got my teeth bleached. My teeth certainly are not yellow – but they aren’t as white as they could be from years of coffee drinking and smoking.

Another great feature of this toothpaste is that it helps repair enamel and prevent cavities – which is amazeballs. I actually lost a filling right before I got this Smiley kit in the mail – but couldn’t get to the dentist for another two weeks – I really think this toothpaste helped me keep the cavity clean and keep the pain manageable.

I have continued to use this toothpaste over time – and believe me – the results just keep becoming more noticeable.

We give this product

So go get your sample HERE 

Also, if you are curious about the Smiley360 Communty where you can try products for free and tell the world about them – see our blog post from earlier this month to find out how to get started.


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