Freebie Alert! Free Samples of Laundry Detergent!


Do you love all-natural products? Then you will love this company. Suds-N-Shine makers of all-natural hand-made laundry detergent recently launched their new website. As a promotion they are giving away free samples of their product. The bag they are giving away will easily wash 1-3 loads and is safe for both regular and high-efficiency machines!

Click the Pic to Get Your Freebie!

All you have to do is visit this site (see the links provided) and add it to your card. As you proceed through the checkout process, use the coupon code ‘ sample ‘ ( all lowercase) to get your product and free shipping! Fill out your address and contact info and checkout! That’s it – your order will be process and shipped out.

Frugal Freebie Note – I was able to send this to two different addresses – AND I added three to my cart and they all processed successfully – so try for multiple bags if it lets you — as we are not sure if this is a glitch or not ( but it’s worth a try) 

Click the picture to order your freebie! Enjoy 🙂

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