Legit Sampling Site: PinchMe

We all know that there are a million and one ads online that tell you to click or register to receive free samples – 90% of them are a scam. Most of them loop you to a survey full of ads asking for your personal info so they can send wads of spam to your e-mail and guess what – you never see a free sample of anything — other than junk mail. Fortunately – if you know where to look, there are a few legitimate places online that do give out legitimate samples. There are companies out there who do want your input on new products.

So how do you get these samples? Well, one site the we recommend here at Frugally Fruitful is Pinchme

Click to Get Your Sample On!

This website is super simple to get into.  Go to their page and register. Once you have confirmed via e-mail and filled out your profile (which takes no time at all) you are then able to select samples for your box. You get one box per month that contains two samples that you have chosen from the available options. Your samples will usually take a week or two to arrive.

When you get your samples – dig in and use them. Oh, and make sure you really shake the box because they often send really great manufacturers coupons for the samples you selected and um, who doesn’t love coupons? Once you have experienced the products, log into your account and click the tab on the top of your page to fill out the short review form to tell the companies what you thought about their products. Every time you review and interact with the site you earn points that can be traded for prizes – and we think prizes on top of samples is amazeballs. 

So what are you waiting for!? The next round of sample products is scheduled to be up on the site Jan 20th! We recommend that you go and sign up for this site now – because you don’t want them to run out of the items you want before you can get registered. 

Wan’t in on the samples? Get Started >> HERE <<

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