Freebie Alert: Multiple Samples of Purely You Mineral Makeup


So, I came across a pretty amazing freebie today and I had to take the time to share with you guys. At first I thought that it was too good to be true or maybe that it was a sweepstakes, but no – Purely You Minerals is giving away free samples of their mineral powder foundation – and YES, I did say samples. When you click on the offer and fill out your info you will notice that it lists all the colors of mineral foundation they offer – and you can select UP TO FIVE. That’s right… 5 samples. Granted they are different colors – but they have a color catalog you can look at and you will see some of the shades are almost identical. 

Click the Pic to Get Your Samples!

Click the Pic to Get Your Samples!

There are no surveys to take and no shipping to pay. Al you need to do is fill out the form and pick your colors. From what I have seen, the page does not block repeat visitors – so you could also send them to another address for a friend if you like. 



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