Legit Online Moneymaking: Opinion Outpost

Being ‘Frugal’ isn’t just about saving money when you can – it’s also about successfully utilizing the resources you have at your disposal in order to create opportunities to stretch or increase your income. That’s why Frugally Fruitful will be featuring a series of posts that we will be calling Legitimate Online Moneymaking 101. We are starting this series by doing a feature on one of my favorite moneymaking sites – Opinion Outpost.

Advertisements for survey sites are everywhere – you cannot get away from them. You are probably bombarded daily both online and while watching television by ads telling you about these ‘amazing’ survey sites promising sensational rewards, gift cards, items and cash payouts – but I will warn you – most of these sites, while they are not a scam, will require you to spend money doing surveys and will then ‘refund’ that money with a little extra. I think this an absurd notion and, if you are looking to make a little extra cash to help your family, it’s likely that you don’t have the funds available to participate in these kinds of programs anyway. I encourage you to STAY AWAY from these sites. If I can stress any one point about earning extra cash online – it’s that you should never have to spend money to make it. There are better, more lucrative ways of doing it – thus introducing OPINION OUTPOST.

Getting Started

One of the few survey sites that we will endorse here on Frugally Fruitful, Opinion Outpost is one of the easiest and most effective interfaces I have ever used. Sign up is simple – go to their page, fill out the short form and confirm your account via e-mail. You will immediately start receiving survey invites via e-mail. Simply click the link in the e-mail to be directed to the survey. *Note- you can also visit the website directly and take surveys that way.


If you are not familiar with how surveys work, be aware that even though you have been invited to take a survey – it doesn’t mean that you will always qualify to be a part of that survey. Typically when you are directed to a survey, you will be asked a short series of questions that will determine whether you are a good candidate and if you are you will be asked to continue and complete the questionnaire.

The Payoff

Rewards for completing surveys are based on a point system. These surveys will typically be worth anywhere from 5 to 25 points – but can be worth more on occasion. As you earn points, they will accumulate in your account until which time you choose to redeem them for prizes. Opinion Outpost does not have an outrageous number of prizes but the ones they do have that people are most interested in are the Paypal deposits and amazon gift codes. Points accumulate quickly and 100 points will get you either $10 cash or a $10 code – you can cash out as many times as you like -and you will receive your reward in a day or less.

Why We Love This Site

We love this site because it is simple – it is exactly what it claims to be – a fun and easy survey site that really does pay. Points accumulate quickly and redeeming is a quick and painless process – there are no hidden conditions, stipulations or issues. The only thing we wish they would change is their lack of a referral program – but even without one we give this site a

Click the logo above for a direct link to their site – or visit our Frugal Resources page.

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